Using Variation Theory to Enhance Students Capability in Solving Pedigree Problems
Studies on Human Red Cell Cholinesterase in Relation to Muscle Disease
An Efficient Algorithm for Face Sketch Synthesis Using Markov Weight Fields and Cascade Decomposition Method
Improve Tuberculosis Control in Hong Kong
Land Conversion and Village Resettlement in Airport Ecology Guangzhou Baiyun
The Role of Computed Tomography Volumetry in the Assessment of Advanced Lung Cancer and Oesophageal Cancer
Design and Control of a Six-Legged Mobile Robot
Merchants and Other Sojourners The Hokkiens Overseas 1570-1760
The Role of Housing Managers in Sustainable Development of Residential Properties
Mathematical Models and Numerical Algorithms for Option Pricing and Optimal Trading
Biochemical Studies and Heterologous Expression of 1-Aminocyclopropane-1-Carboxylic Acid N-Malonyltransferase from Mung Hbean Hypocotyls
Front-Of-Pack Nutrition Labeling and the Implications for China
Design and Syntheses of Luminescent Alkynyl Complexes Containing Multinuclear Platinum (II) and Coinage Metal Centres From Photophysics to Host-Guest Chemistry and Supramolecular Architectures
Study on the Function and Regulation of Stanniocalcin in Mouse Neuroblastoma Cells
The Implementation of Formative Assessment in Teaching Business Fundamentals by Two Secondary School Teachers
The Libertines and Anti-Morality
Vibration Damping Analysis of Cylindrical Shells Partially Coated with Constrained Visco-Elastic Layers
Integrating Environmental Criteria Into the Supplier Selection Process
The Dual Nationality of the Overseas Chinese in Indonesia 1949-1962 with Reference to Sino-Indonesian Relations
Stochastic Models for Inventory Systems and Networks
Gendered Exceptionalisms American Women in Hong Kong and Macao 1830-2000
Hepatitis B Virus Covalently Closed Circular DNA Is Associated with Methylated Histones H3 and H4 and Heterochromatin Complex Proteins Implication of Their Roles in Viral Replication
Positron Beam Studies on the Electric Field at Metal-Semiinsulating GAAS Interfaces
Annual Distribution of Phytoplankton in Tolo Harbour A Flow Cytometry Approach
The Impact of Managerialism in Social Work Practice
Development and Application of Luminescence Dating to Quaternary Sediments from China
A Study on the Embryotrophic Action of the Complement Component-3 Derivative (Ic3b) in the Preimplantation Mouse Embryo Development
The Improvement of Environmental Performance of Public Bus in Hong Kong
Nonliteral Language and the Learner of English
Studies on Zizania Caduciflora Turez and Ustilago Esculenta P Henn
Meanings of Divorce A Feminist Analysis of the Narrative Accounts of Chinese Divorced Women in Hong Kong
The Relationship of Stress Depression A Study Among Secondary Students in Hong Kong
Deformation and Fracture Analysis of Piezoelectric Materials Using Theoretical Experimental and Numerical Techniques
A Comparative Study of the in Vitro and Invivo Steroid Profiles in Intersexual Fishes
English Literature for Boys and Girls - Illustrated by John R Skelton
Hume and Reason A Sceptical Theory of Morality and Law
A First Study of Local Attitudes and Problems in Providing Sex Education in Hong Kong Secondary Schools
On the Matrix Equation Am Di [Lambda] J
Application of Life Cycle Analysis (Lca) to Consumer Product Development
Seasonal Patterns of Androgen Biosynthesis in the Testis of the Common Teal (Anas Crecca Crecca L) and the Tree Sparrow (Passer Montanus Saturatus)
Phthalocyanine Based Organic Solar Cells
Improve Pedestrian Safety and Access in Central Sham Shui Po
An Examination of Efficiency of the Hong Kong Private Housing Market
Marine Biofouling Organisms Respond to Multiple Stressors in a Changing Climate
Theoretical Study of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (Dssc)
Are Executive Functions Predictive of Aphasia Treatment Outcomes? Data from an Ortho-Phonological Therapy for Anomia in Chinese
Identification of Cis-Regulatory Sequence for the Expression of Epidermal Growth Factor (Egf) Gene
A Defence of Proficiency in Dialectical Morality for Hong Kongs Values and Citizenship Education in Late Modernity
Membrane Fouling of Activated Sludge
Documenting the Historical and Spatial Significance of Wing Woo Grocery and Provisional Shop

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